Thursday, April 12, 2012

Too Nice?

This morning when I got to TRAX, I saw a man named Tim who used to work at Jordan Valley School when I worked there. He was a very kind man and he still is. Whenever I see him, I usually talk with him for a little while until he gets off on his stop. When I got on TRAX today I also saw a guy who I have met just from riding to work everyday. He is a nice guy as well, who usually catches TRAX the same time as his daughter and they ride home together. I said hello to him as I got on the train and saw that he is reading a biography about "George Washington", which we talked about last week.

The train was very full today and also strangely quiet. There usually are people talking or listening to music, or something. But this morning, it was QUIET. I opened up my iPad to read my scriptures and the guy next to me said "Hey, I am reading in the exact same chapter of the book of Mormon right now. What a coincidence."
I thought it was brave of him to say something, because a lot of people won't talk to each other on trax. Anyway, we proceeded to talk for the rest of our commute to work. We talked about his job, school, etc. He is a computer programmer and I am a business analyst, so we had quite a few things to talk about. The funny thing was that I think the entire train heard our conversation because no one else was talking. So people either thought it to be annoying that we were talking, or funny.

When I got of the train, I walked with the man I mentioned earlier to the cross walk (the one reading the biography about George Washington) and he just said "You are too nice". I was like????? Wondering why he would say that. I guess it is probably because he rides Trax with me all of the time and he sees who I talk to, etc.
But as we went our separate ways to work, I thought to myself. Really? Is it possible to be too nice? What is too nice about having a conversation with someone and benefiting by learning more about them and about life in general because of their personal experiences?

Some food for thought...Is it possible to be too nice?

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