Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas Time

I liked this quote that I read this morning

"The answer in the Christmas season and throughout the year lies not in the receiving of earthly presents and treasures, but in the forsaking of selfishness and greed and in going forward, seeking and enjoying the gifts of the spirit"

It kind of goes along with some gift ideas I found on a website I get emails from every once in a while. The website is called 29 Gifts and it goes a long with a book I read at the beginning of 2011. I read it because my goals/theme for 2011 were Gratitude and Giving. 29 Gifts, is about a woman who has MS. She has struggled with it for years and after talking to a guru of sorts she decided to take a challenge to give a gift each day for 29 days. It was a pretty inspiring story and I took on the challenge. I have only done the 29 day challenge once and may not have done an amazing job with my gifts but I felt happier and more in tune with the spirit of giving when I did it. When I decided to do the 29 day challenge I signed up on the 29 Gifts website and that is why I got an email recently with some gift ideas for the holiday season. I like to focus on gifts that are more meaningful so this list made me feel pretty excited for the upcoming Christmas season and Holiday. Enjoy :)

During this season, we are so busy hustling and bustling in and out of shopping centers, malls and shops, that we sometimes forget what the holidays are really about. The most meaningful and appreciated gifts are often those that cost us only time and imagination.

Each day in December, we challenge you to give one non-material gift. It could be a nice note you write, kind words you say mindfully with meaning, something you do to go out of your way to help another person.

Get Creative. And don't forget to share your experiences here or in your giving blog! Here are 29 Simple Out-of-the-Box Giving Ideas to get you started. We'd love to hear your ideas, too:

1. Wave to neighbors as you drive through the neighborhood.
2. Forgive someone
3. Go around your neighborhood caroling with friends and family
4. Wash someone's car for them
5. Bring lunch to an elderly or ill neighbor
6. Iron a family member's favorite shirt
7. Pick up trash in the park
8. Serve breakfast in bed to your mate
9. If you have a roommate, wash and put away all their clothes while they're out
10. Write a poem telling someone how you feel about them
11. Leave handmade "Secret Santa" cards around your neighborhood
12. Don’t be afraid to give out sincere compliments to friends and strangers
13. Let someone with less items pass in front of you in the checkout line
14. Allow a car to enter the freeway in front of you
15. Hold the door open for someone
16. Help another shopper find an item in their size
17. Take a busy friend's children to the park for the afternoon
18. Take your family on a night tour around the neighborhood looking at Christmas lights
19. Visit a retirement home and share stories with the residents, maybe sing with them
20. Share your plant clippings with a friend
21. Scotty (Lubabat's hubby) reminded Facebook friends of how Lubabat used to leave quarters in the gum machine slots at the stores just to put a smile on a child's face..
22. SMILE at everyone you pass
23. Hug someone
24. Host a pot-luck dinner with family and friends you haven't seen in awhile; have everyone share their recipes
25. Hold a family dinner and game night
26. Complete a home project that's way overdue; specifically one that has inconvenienced others
27. Make someone laugh with a funny joke
28. The next time you tell someone you love them, also tell them why
29. Think of a talent you have or a service you could provide and give loved ones a coupon book offering your skills or talents. We have offered free babysitting, car detailing and house cleaning. There are so many great ideas such as: free haircuts, manicures, massages, chauffeur services....let your imagination go and give the gift of a talent or skill.

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