Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Book of Mormon

Yesterday, I watched this video for the first time. I had seen people post it on Facebook but I just hadn't taken time to watch it. I loved it! First, because it is set in London and Second, I felt the spirit so strongly as this man talked about his experience with the Book of Mormon.

I have been reading the Book or Mormon again from the beginning since September. My ward issued a challenge to read it before the end of the year and then to give the Book of Mormon away. I was really excited for the opportunity and decided to take on the challenge.

I am currently in Helaman 13, and I think I will make my goal. Although, I am tempted to finish it earlier so that I can give it to someone on Christmas :) The reason I am thinking this is because this morning while riding trax, I pulled out my Book of Mormon. I was going to read it but was distracted talking to my friend Kent who I take to trax every day. I wasn't noticing the people around me too much until an older man that was sitting across from us interrupted and said that I needed to read and that Kent was distracting me.

This led to a conversation with this man who moved here about a year ago from Kentucky. He asked me if this was my first time reading the Book of Mormon. I told him no and he asked how many times I have read it. I told him I really don't know. Many times? And then he asked if I have ever read it this fast before and I told him probably not. He said he finds it very interesting, Mormons,etc. I am sure being new to the state raises curiosity in the dominant religion.

He was a a very nice man and I told him he could have my Book of Mormon when I was finished reading it. I maybe should have given it to him this morning? But hopefully I will see him on trax or in Daybreak at some point and then have the opportunity to talk to him some more. I would love to give him my Book of Mormon as a Christmas present.

This experience on the train this morning brightened my entire day. I love the Book of Mormon and believe it to be another Testament of Jesus Christ. I feel the spirit when I read it and it helps me to know how to be more like Christ.


  1. Our friend is the missionary who taught this guy. Cool, huh? Great video and cool experience for you too!