Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Killer Day

You know that you are off to a good start when you miss TRAX by approximately 4-5 seconds...Yes Yes lovely morning in Daybreak :) At least it gave me a good little sprint and possible embarassment if anyone would have seen me running. Who cares?!
No longer will I be as naive as to think that TRAX is on time and that the train had already left when it is 8 minutes past the scheduled departure.

Anyway, luckily I bought some mint medley tea to warm me up once I got to work this morning because surprisingly it was freezing outside as well as on TRAX (thanks to never ending air conditioning). Herbal tea still doesn't taste very good. I don't know how people learn to love it! I still think it tastes like hot grass shavings (even though I have never tasted hot grass shavings).

Now my iPod is playing crossfire by Brandon Flowers and next up is Human by his band The Killers. This day is getting better, little by little.

Also, if you really want a pick me up :) Here is the first song that I heard this morning ;) MY MY MY

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  1. Just listened to Crossfire for the first time, love it...