Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Meatless Monday

Every month at work, I get emails inviting me to sign up for a "Health Challenge". Most of the time I don't do it, because I feel to busy. But, this month's challenge sounds pretty easy and fun.

The health challenge for June is to focus on healthy eating. I received an email with lot's of web sites for locally grown produce. As part of this challenge I get to set my own goals. An example of a goal that they gave us, is to go the local Farmer's Market :) FUN!

The part that I am for sure going to try to do and you can as well, is Meatless Mondays. The goal is to go at least two Monday's in the month of June without eating any meat. I didn't know this prior to yesterday, but there is a global movement called Meatless Mondays. (which as a side note, it seems that there is a global movement for just about everything! how can I keep up? sigh...)
Anyway, I checked out the site yesterday and it was interesting. Meatless Monday is a global movement to help in the fight against obesity. I looked at some of the numbers, which were frightening but not really surprising. A link to NPR on the site states, based on current rates by the year 2030, 50% of Americans will be obese.

Does anyone else feel like the movie WALL-E could become reality?? Yikes

Also, just as an FYI...There was another E. Coli outbreak, this time in Europe. Here is a link to the news on the outbreak in Germany. This news made me curious about E. Coli and why in the world it is so out of control. Here is another link, it might gross you out.

But, if you have seen the documentary Food Inc., you may already know of the awful condition of slaughter houses and so you may not be as grossed out.

I am committing to do Meatless Monday for the entire month of June :) Join me if you want...Mare, prepare for Meatless Monday when I am there. Andrew will be a big fan, I am sure ;)


  1. Um, are you aware that we participate in something called Meatless Life???????
    Ha ha. Just kidding. I very rarely cook meat or chicken. Usually if we have company. Most of the time we just eat veggies and some sort of quinoa/lentil/bean thing. Sometimes fish/shellfish or maybe meatballs with lean ground turkey that is local.
    Although, I did cook a flank steak the other night and I made a yummy chopped salad with it.
    Don't worry!!!!!!!
    You can do it!
    I would probably have to participate in Meat Monday to make a change in our menu. haha!

  2. And don't worry about all the other global movements-You have more important things to worry about, like coming to visit me!!!