Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Choose your Career

Wow, how eye opening life can be sometimes. I am currently working on a project that involves web design, and while looking at the web page I came across some resources about careers.

Can I just say, wow! I wish that I had read this article in High School :) You can't change the past but really I wish I would have actually contemplated the possibility of having a career when I was younger...
As someone said recently "Ignorance is not bliss"

Anyway, I will include a link to the article. The article I am referring to is on page 4.

One thing I can say for sure, is that my kids will have a chance to discover what they love and I will encourage them to follow their dreams. As for now, I am going to try to pinpoint where I really want to be. I have a good job but in a way my whole career thus far has "come" to me. It has just worked out.

Right now all I want to do is go tell every teenage girl "Discover what it is that you love and go for it! If you find love and get married on the way, then Hooray! If not, then at least you will be leading the life you have dreamed of."

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