Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bill Cosby and Barry White

This morning was good. You will understand more as you read.

First of all, I was running late to the bus stop. I thought I was fine, but I soon realized as I approached the park and ride that the bus was already there. So, I figured that the bus would probably just leave me. Amazingly the bus driver saw me pull in and he waited for me! Really? A tiny thing but totally made my day.

It gets better. As we are driving along our route, I noticed that each time we came to a stop to pick people up, the bus driver said "Good Morning!" Some people responded...some did not. But, the point I am trying to make is that this bus driver is so nice.

Then, the best part...we stop at one of the last stops before the freeway and I looked out the window to see who was getting on the bus. First of all, it was the cutest, cutest old man. He was either completely blind or partially because he had a walking cane. He was also wearing a cute hat that was plaid, the fisherman hat style. It took him a minute to get on the bus. Once he got one he asked the bus driver if there was a seat for him. So, the guy in the very front seat just got up and moved so he could sit there. He ended up right in front of me. This gave me the opportunity to hear his conversation that he continued with the bus driver. He was asking about the bus route schedule,etc. so that he could make it to another route. After this he was silent for a little while but then he randomly asked "Did you ever hear Bill Cosby's Noah?" "Man that was so good". This was great, but it gets better. He then went on to say "Have you every heard a singer as good as Barry White?" "There is no one as good as him. He made songs that were so sexy and mellow. Not like rap music..." And then he started to sing a portion of one of his songs.
And to top it off he finally asked "Have you ever thought why is it that black people are such good singers? I mean there is Diana Ross, Sam Cooke..." He listed a few that I cannot remember, but really I was loving the bus trip this morning.

Can't wait for tonight :)

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