Thursday, May 19, 2011

O' Magazine

I don't recall a time when I have looked at O'Magazine, but today I went with my co-worker to the police station across the street to pay a parking ticket. While I was waiting for her, I saw O'Magazine on a table. I picked it up and started to glance through the pages. I think part of the reason why I picked it up is because I know Oprah's show will be ending next week. I haven't watched her show much but I know that a lot of people like her show and that she has done a lot of good. I don't get a lot of time to watch t.v., so I sometimes only hear about shows from others.

But, as I glanced through the pages of this magazine, I found an article that caught me eye. It is called "Women and the Negativity Receptor"

Here is the caption at the top of the article, which also caught my interest.

"Why is it that women pick up on the slightest slur and never hear the good stuff? Criticisms are stored forever; compliments evaporate instantly."

Here is a paragraph from the article.

"Why it that some people, the Donald Trumps of the world, seem to believe only the best about themselves, while others—perhaps especially women, perhaps especially young women—seize on the most self-critical thoughts they can come up with? "It turns out there's an area of your brain that's assigned the task of negative thinking," says Louann Brizendine, MD, a neuropsychiatrist at the University of California, San Francisco, and the author of The Female Brain. "It's judgmental. It says 'I'm too fat' or 'I'm too old.' It's a barometer of every social interaction you have. It goes on red alert when the feedback you're getting from other people isn't going well." This worrywart part of the brain is the anterior cingulate cortex. In women, it's actually larger and more influential, as is the brain circuitry for observing emotions in others. "The reason we think females have more emotional sensitivity," says Brizendine, "is that we've been built to be immediately responsive to the needs of a nonverbal infant. That can be both a good thing and a bad thing."

If this interests you, read on :)

I found it inspiring because the article stated that even if you have the tendency to have negative thoughts, that you also have the power to change those thoughts.

I think it is worth reading

Monday, May 16, 2011

Music Monday

There is a reason why I picked this song today :)

1-I actually really like it.
2-I want to see the Justin Beiber movie.
3-I ran a 5k this past Saturday and heard this song while I was there.

It was not timed and was held to raise money for a teacher at my friends school who has Lou Gehrig's disease. He probably won't live much longer, maybe 6 months.
I loved the run because it actually was fun and so many people were there to support this kind man.
The reasons why the 5K was fun for me are:
-It wasn't timed
-It was perfect weather and a beautiful day
-I felt stronger running than I have in a long time (I think this is due to what I have been eating)
-I was able to meet the man who we were running for since he was sitting in his wheelchair at the finish line.

I heard this song on the loud speaker when I was stretching after the race was over. Enjoy :) and Never Say Never!

Thursday, May 12, 2011


I know weird title, but...

I slept less that 5 hours last night and you know it's going to be a good day when your eyes sting when you open them.

This leads to the point of my post, I promise.

On the bus this morning, I didn't even pretend like I was going to stay awake. I got on, sat down, and immediately rested my head against the window. I think I noticed someone sit next to me as I came in and out of sleep. But, for some reason I thought it was a woman.

As I woke up I looked over at the person next to me. It was a guy, wearing sunglasses and out of the corner of my eye I could see his pectorals moving. I was not completely coherent and somewhat dazed but inside I think I was laughing. I am not sure if this was a muscle twitch or if he was flexing. All I know is that it was pretty entertaining and a somewhat memorable thing to see when you first wake up.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bill Cosby and Barry White

This morning was good. You will understand more as you read.

First of all, I was running late to the bus stop. I thought I was fine, but I soon realized as I approached the park and ride that the bus was already there. So, I figured that the bus would probably just leave me. Amazingly the bus driver saw me pull in and he waited for me! Really? A tiny thing but totally made my day.

It gets better. As we are driving along our route, I noticed that each time we came to a stop to pick people up, the bus driver said "Good Morning!" Some people responded...some did not. But, the point I am trying to make is that this bus driver is so nice.

Then, the best part...we stop at one of the last stops before the freeway and I looked out the window to see who was getting on the bus. First of all, it was the cutest, cutest old man. He was either completely blind or partially because he had a walking cane. He was also wearing a cute hat that was plaid, the fisherman hat style. It took him a minute to get on the bus. Once he got one he asked the bus driver if there was a seat for him. So, the guy in the very front seat just got up and moved so he could sit there. He ended up right in front of me. This gave me the opportunity to hear his conversation that he continued with the bus driver. He was asking about the bus route schedule,etc. so that he could make it to another route. After this he was silent for a little while but then he randomly asked "Did you ever hear Bill Cosby's Noah?" "Man that was so good". This was great, but it gets better. He then went on to say "Have you every heard a singer as good as Barry White?" "There is no one as good as him. He made songs that were so sexy and mellow. Not like rap music..." And then he started to sing a portion of one of his songs.
And to top it off he finally asked "Have you ever thought why is it that black people are such good singers? I mean there is Diana Ross, Sam Cooke..." He listed a few that I cannot remember, but really I was loving the bus trip this morning.

Can't wait for tonight :)

Monday, May 9, 2011

Music Monday

I heard this song on my way home from class last Thursday night. I didn't recognize the artist so I stayed in my car until it finished. I had to remember at least one significant line of the song so that I could find it on you tube. I was successful :)

At this point I don't know anything about the artist, so I have no idea what other songs he sings.

Saturday, May 7, 2011


I went to the gym yesterday and happened to park right behind this car.

I couldn't help but laugh because on one side there is a BYU sticker and on the other a sticker saying "Twilight Mom". First of all, it is so funny to me that anyone owns twilight paraphernalia. Secondly, it seems like the only people who should have some are maybe teenage girls.

So, for this person who I assume is a BYU graduate and also a mother to have a "fan" sticker for twilight on their car made me laugh out loud. I really thought it was classic... I love that I love this

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Inside Out

I love the randomness of my thoughts sometimes and how I like to try to connect them to a deeper meaning. This post might give you an idea of what I mean.

I got to work this morning and was thinking about how fun it is to ride the bus and all of the people that I see each day. Some of them I recognize from some other place, but cannot remember exactly where. So, my thoughts were drifting to familiarity and how small the world can be even though it is so big.

Anyway, when I got to work this morning I realized that my sweater was on inside out and I didn't even realize it. There may have been one person who noticed before I did, but they didn't say anything :)

That is what spurred the title of this post. I also started to connect this to another thought I had this morning. There is a guy who works at my office who I see on the bus pretty much every day. He is from India and was very reserved, well still is, but was much more reserved and quiet when I first met him. Now that we know each other a little bit better, he smiles and says hello whenever I see him. That made me think of "inside out" He is opening up and smiling which in my mind is bringing his inside out :) See how silly I am? I also was thinking about the power of smiling at someone and how it helps to bring the light that they have inside to shine outwardly. :) When I got to the bus stop this morning, the two people that were there both said hello energetically and with a smile:) which of course caused me to smile and feel grateful for people.

I really hope to live a life where I can make a difference in people's lives, even if it is just something small. Human interaction makes me feel alive and I just love meeting new people. That is one of the things that I love about riding the bus, it makes me feel more connected to humanity. Even though I don't talk to many people on the bus rides, I watch and observe them. Just being in their presence makes me feel connected.

Anyway, I found this song when I googled "Inside Out". Funny thing is that I have actually heard it before. It plays on one of the Christian radio stations that I listen to in the car on occasion. It seems to be a fitting song for this post.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Music Monday

I got the Tron soundtrack over the weekend :) Happiness!! I really liked the movie and I think that was partly due to the music :)

The only song that I could find on You Tube, with a decent video was "Derezzed". (The video is still a little cheesy, in my opinion) But the song is one of my favorites on the soundtrack. Here it is

Another favorite is End of the Line

Along with the End Titles

I really like Solar Sailer but couldn't find any good clips of it on you tube, so I guess you will just have to check out the soundtrack for yourself! ha ha

This soundtrack makes me think of the Bourne series because Moby wrote some songs for one of the soundtracks and those songs sound similar. What can I say? I love all kinds of music and techno is one of those :)