Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Purses, Purses, Purses

Recently while walking to the garage my purse fell to the ground. I thought maybe it had just fallen off of my shoulder, but no the strap completely broke! :(
I wasn't too heartbroken though because I was somewhat sick of my purse anyway. It only cost $10, and I got it from no big loss.
The only problem is that recently in one of my "I want to get rid of everything I own" phases, I got rid of all of my extra purses. So, all I had left was a purse that a friend of mine brought back from China for me. It's definitely authentic but not something I want to hang on my shoulder 24/7.

So, I am currently carrying China around with me and am on the hunt for a new purse. On Monday, I decided to check out Zappos, because you can get free shipping both ways 365 days of the year! Can't beat that, especially when a few weeks ago I drove to about 10 different stores and couldn't find a single purse that I liked!
Here are the three purses/bags that I saw online and decided to order. I love that you can order as many items as you want and not have to worry about paying for shipping. :)

Part of what inspiried me to order these purses is that lately I have been seriously daydreaming about spending a day at the beach...hence the Roxy brand. But also, Zappos has videos of people modeling some of the items you order. It just so happened that two of these purses were modeled. :) ha ha, good marketing and customer service is what I say.

Also. I read Delivering Happiness (written by the CEO of Zappos) and it talks about their culture and business style. I agree with a lot of the concepts it talks about and really want to go on a tour of their office in Vegas! :)

Well, just so you know they did deliver happiness to my doorstep today! Amazing, because I looked online Monday and found 3 purses that I might want. Yesterday they sent me an email saying that my order was going to be shipped that day. They even said "We hope that we have made your day by sending your order to you quicker". Well, they did.

I will not be keeping any of the purses I bought, because they were a little expensive and a lot larger in size than I had anticipated. But, this sure beats driving to a bunch of stores and wasting 3-4 hours and still not finding anything I like :)

Has anyone delivered happiness to your doorstep lately?


  1. For some reason this reminds me of us getting new purses sometime. I think everyone gets sick of there purse and needs a new one sometimes.