Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Lessons learned in a day...

1) Always make sure that your alarm is set and the volume is set on HIGH before you to to sleep.

2) If you arrive at the bus stop and the bus is there, it will not wait for you...
3) When an eye doctor says you should have a contact in on a certain day, don't trust that it will come in on that actual day and don't plan your day around picking it up.
4) Stop carrying pens in your purse, start using pencils...you never know when the pen is going to become upset and explode!


  1. Sounds like you must have had a magnificent day today!
    I slept through my alarm too and the kids were almost late. Tonight in Jonah's prayer he said "please bless Mom that she will be able to get up in time in the morning." Ha ha
    Better luck next time!!!! to both of us.

  2. Alarms are really a problem for me too! Definitely stick to pencils. Much safer! Lets talk soon and catch up!