Thursday, March 10, 2011


This morning I searched Google on the topic of how to deal with death. Last night, sweet little Sophie (my roommate Kellie's puppy) was hit by car and passed away. She was such a sweet, cute, and playful puppy. We miss her already! She was so naughty sometimes, constantly stealing socks, tearing up books, eating jelly name it :) She was a puppy, excited to be alive and curious about everything. But, most of all she was so loving and was always so excited to see and be with people.

We miss you Sophie and love you!

I also found out this morning that my sister's father in law's father (confusing maybe, I know) passed away last night. He was also a very sweet and cheerful man. Death is a very sad thing and it breaks my heart. I think we all can relate to this feeling and wish at times that we didn't have to experience it. So, this is why I was searching for an article of how to cope with death. Here is what I found and I think it is helpful. Check it out if you would like :) I also found a talk by Elder Russell M. Nelson which I found comforting. Cherish every day that you have. You just never know when that time will end.

with love, Lar

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  1. Lar,

    This is sweet tribute to little Sophie - her lovingness and enthusiasm for people really were some of her greatest qualities. You felt like you made her day just by walking in the door. I think that animals and children have that in common- an easiness to love.