Thursday, March 3, 2011

Elder Robert C. Oaks

I had the opportunity this Thursday night to meet Elder Robert C. Oaks. My professor for a Leadership class this semester, Brad Agle, knows Elder Oaks and invited him to be a guest speaker this week. I did a little bit of research on google, prior to class. I am very impressed with Elder Oaks. Before I met him, he seemed to be a very genuine, strong, but kind man. I found this to be true as he spoke to us.

There are a few things I want to say about him that impressed me.
First of all, he has had a lot of responsibility and has done a lot of good in the world. You can look at his bio and see that. But, when he spoke to us it was as if he was just like us. He didn't make himself appear to be special or all knowing. He just has a good heart and follows basic and true principles of leadership.
When he was asked what experience in his life helped him most to be a good leader, he got a little choked up and said "I believe that I was taught best how to be a good leader by my mother." This really hit home for me and reminded me of how strong the influence of a good mother and father can be. I want to be that kind of mother some day.
Here is a talk about patience that he gave in 2006, which along with his bio's will give you an idea of what a wonderful man he is.

Also, after he was finished speaking I wanted to talk to him and find out if he by chance new my friend Mark Forester who was recently killed in Afghanistan. As I was waiting to talk to him, I noticed how aware of me he was. He knew I was waiting and kindly brought the conversation with the person in front of me to a close and came towards me with an outstretched hand. He did not know my friend but was very kind and easy to talk to. He spoke to us about how as a leader your responsibility is people and making sure they know that you care about them. He practices what he preaches and I am so impressed by that. He has had a big impact on me in a good way, for which I am grateful.

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