Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I am so sick of driving down the street and seeing signs advertising liposuction, or hearing on the radio about the newest pill you can take to make you lose all this weight. Can our society just stop being so dang vain and focused on such superficial things?

I am a big fan of being healthy by eating well and exercising because it makes me happy and strong, but please stop making me feel like I have to be a size 0 or only drink liquids to be the perfect size!

My co-worker sent me this article this morning about some twinkie diet which is maybe what got me all fired up. I just think it's time to focus on things that actually matter...

The article makes some good points, don't get me wrong. Watching your calorie intake is important but it is also good to make sure your eating nutrient dense foods, whether that leads to weight loss or not. I don't think eating Twinkies and Doritos is the answer.


  1. Do you remember when we were going to Gma Ruthardt's and we bought a bunch of strawberry and banana filled twinkies in the van, then went over that mountain pass in New Mexico and we all got sick? I haven't gone near a twinkie since that. This world is crazy. I just think moderation in all things, especially food.

  2. Oh, and the other thing- you could probably lose weight eating only a small amount of anything, because you aren't eating enough to maintain your body. But that doesn't make it healthy!!

  3. I totally remember that trip and the twinkies we ate. The memory of those twinkies made me sick for years.

    As part of his study he should have commented on how awful he must have felt everyday even though he lost weight. Honestly eating like that makes me feel terrible!

  4. I love that you're all upset and bothered by this diet and I'm totally on board for it! :-)