Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Adjustment Bureau

I went to see The Adjustment Bureau with some friends last night. I thought that I would like the movie but liked it more than I had expected. It really got me thinking about so many different things like free will/agency, fate/meant to be and also the power of love. I don't believe in fate because I believe we are free to choose and that we are responsible for our choices.
This movie was pretty thought provoking and made my friend think of the movie Inception. I might end up watching Inception tonight but I actually would be okay with watching this one again. :)

Here is a little behind the scenes from the website

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  1. Thats the movie that I wanted to see in Miami, but Matt donated blood to get a free ticket in this crazy little bus and we missed it by just a few minutes. I still want to see it. Glad to see a good review!